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2017-08-31 02:53 pm

challenge: 122 icons

hey everybody, time for a update ;) 122 icons for different challenges and fandoms, last but not least, it was time to clean up my harddrive again *lol* let me know what u think :)
I hope there are no coding errors - tbh the coding here is kind of exhausting here ....
it looks like i am to stupid to use the cut right, I give up, at least u can see every icon ^^





Background Blend Quote Second Choice Combo OTP One Color
Rainbow Poka Dots Stripes Blocking Brush Strokes
5 CATEGORY (Warm Colors)
1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5


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2017-04-30 10:46 am

Challenge: 96 Icons

Hello everybody!

I am a really newbie here, I moved from lj around two weeks ago, so this is my first entry here, the olders I just imported.

I thought it is time for a update, and a harddrive cleaning again, so here are 96 icons, feel free to use :)
comments are love.

Last but not least, I do not know, perhaps some milo ventimiglia fans are reading this - I have 2 communites and I would love to see new members - had a lot at lj and now I am feeling a bit lonely *lol*

milo daily

milo fans

I am looking for challenge communties too, for icons or more, if anybody know a active communty here just let me know :)

have a nice day!! :)

40 Outlander Icons )

56 Merlin Icons )
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2017-01-08 04:52 pm

Challenge: 132 Icons

Hello everybody ;) Wish everybody a belated merry christmas and a happy new year, hope u had a nice time with your family. <3

After a long time I have to clean up again, and here are my icons I did not post until today.

And last but not least, a few new pics of my cats, they two are now 7 month old, and they kep me really busy *lol*

here is a gallery I started, if anybody is interested ;)

Merlin Icons )

Outlander Icons )

Shadowhunter Icons )

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2016-08-17 05:31 pm

meet my new family members!

hey everybody!

Today something new, or should I see someone new:
My new pets! Two Kittens, a orange/blond boy, and a multicolored girl and I named them "Jace" and "Clary".

Yes these are two names from books/tv show/movie, yes that is nerdy, and yes I totally know that, *lol*

what do u say, aren´t they cute and fluffy?? would u like to see more pics in the future?? perhaps not just only sleepy sleepy babys next time *lol*

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2016-06-12 01:07 pm

Challenge: 72 Icons

Happy Sunday everybody :)

I thought it is time for another update - one reason, I really have to clean up my hard drive *lol*

I did not have the time for Shadowhunter episode icons, but surprise surprise I still do my merlin challenges . I am such a good fangirl *lol*
Last but not least a few outlander icons too, the cherry on the top of the cake :D
Comments are love <3

Merlin Icons )

Outlander Icons )
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2016-03-28 11:59 am

Shadowhunters: Ep 01 - 65 Icons

Happy Easter everybody :) Because I have a long weekend, I thought it is time to make some new stuff again. 65 simple colored icons of a new show, which I really love , after a bit of trouble at the beginning *lol* - It is a fantasy show based on a popular book series - which I love too, surprise surprise *lol* Let me know what u think, I am curious to see how many fans are around here :

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30
31 32 33 34 35
36 37 38 39 40
41 42 43 44 45
46 47 48 49 50
51 52 53 54 55
56 57 58 59 60
61 62 63 64 65
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2016-03-26 05:17 pm

Challenge: 55 icons

Happy Saturday!

Hope everybody is fine?? Just a quick update today, more will follow tomorrow - new fandom, new show :D - but today like most of the time, outlander and merlin icons, and 5 lonely icons of bradley james in damien *lol*

let me know what u think, comments are love :)

outlander icons )

Merlin Icons )

Damien Icons )
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2016-01-24 02:02 pm

challenge: 40 Icons

Happy Sunday everybody!

I hope the first month of the year was ok until now. :D At one hand I am really happy that the holidays are over, because of eating a lot,... can´t see cookies anymore :D at the other hand I have to work again *lol*

I thought it is time for a update again. Merlin like always, yeah I know I know :D - and a new fandom arrives - OUTLANDER - I love this show and the books, and I watch it since start, and now I joined a new icon challenge community - [ profile] outlanderstills - at the moment I just made 10 outlander icons, but I thought I can show you them anyhow:)

What do u think??? Comments are love :)

Merlin Icons )

Outlander Icons )
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2015-12-20 01:49 pm

Challenge: 85 Icons

Hey everybody, so sorry for the long break, but RL took over a bit *lol*

First I wish everybody a mery christmas and a happy new year already, hope everybody have a nice time with the family and friends, lot of presents, and without a hangover *lol*

Last but not least a short update, I made a few DW and Merlin Icons over the last few weeks.
Like always enjoy, comments and credits are love :)

Best wishes!

DW 20in20 )

Merlin Icons )
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2015-06-20 11:30 am

Challenge: 50 Icons

Happy Saturday!

Hope everybody have a nice weekend, the weather here is very rainy so I made again a few new icons :)
Like always, comments are love:)

DW20in20 )

Merlin Icons )
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2015-05-18 02:18 pm

Challenge: 41 Icons

Hello everybody!

The last few weeks I was busy so I had not have the time to make many icons, but here are the newest I didn´t post until today.

Doctor Who and Merlin, like always *lol*

What do u think?? Comments are love :)

DW20in20 Icons )

Merlin Icons )
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2015-04-05 11:20 am

challenge: 40 Icons

Happy Easter everybody!
Just a very quick update today. The icons for the DW20in20 Challenge, and a few merlin icons, like always *lol*

Hope everybody have a nice day :)

DW20IN20 )

Merlin and DW icons )
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2015-03-14 09:33 am

Challenge: 55 icons

Happy Saturday everybody!
The weather is so bad, so I finished all my open challenges, and here is the result *lol*
I love 20 in 20 challenges so the special challenge for merlinstills was really really great :)

Have a nice weekend :)

Merlinstills Special Challenge - 20 in 20 )

DW - 20 in 20 )

Merlin Icons )
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2015-02-22 05:27 pm

Challenge: 36 Icons

Happy Sunday everybody!
Time for a little update again, like always just a few challenge icons :)
Let me know what u think, and of course u can take everything u like:)

DW20in20 Icons )

Merlin Icons )
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2015-01-18 12:31 pm

Challenge: 41 Icons

Happy Sunday!

Hope u have a nice weekend!
Today a icon update again. Like most of the time DW and Merlin.
What do u think??

DW 20in20 Icons )

Merlin Icons )
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2014-12-20 10:35 am

Challenge: 82 Icons

Happy Saturday!

How are you??
Today just a few icons I made again for different challenges.
Let me know what u think :)

DW20in20 Icons )

DW Stills - Christmas Challenge )

Merlin Icons )

DW Icons )
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2014-11-17 10:12 am

Challenge: 44 Icons / 05 Friends Only Banner / 01 Wallpaper

Good Morning everybody! So, weekend is over, sadly, and the weather here is really really bad, I am so tired, and honestly I can´t wait the day is over *lol*

Like always icons for different challanges, and today too, a few friends only banner! it was really really funny to make these banners, because I really would love to watch a DW/Sherlock Crossover :D

And last but not least, a Sherlock Halloween Wallpaper, I know it is a little bit late for halloween stuff this year, but I hope u like it anyway :)

Have a nice day!

DW20in20 Icons )

Merlin Icons )

DW Icons )

5 Friends Only Banner - Sherlock/DW Crossover )

Sherlock Halloween Wallpaper )
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2014-10-18 03:11 pm

Challenge: 46 Icons

happy saturday everybody!

I was a bit busy during the last 3 weeks, so today the update is smaller *lol*
Like always just challange things, but I hope u like it anyway :)
Let me know what u think!

DW20in20 Icons )

Merlin Icons )

DW Icons )

BC Icons )
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2014-09-13 02:11 pm

Challenge: 49 Icons

Happy Saturday everybody!

It´s weekend again, yeahhhhhhh!!, and the weather is sooooooo bad, so I cleaned up my harddrive again, and here is everything I didn´t post till now. Like always challange icons for different comms and fandoms :)

I have exciting news, normally I didn´t talk much about my RL, because of some good reasons and bad experiences, but I am so happy about it, I have to share it *lol*

I have tickets for Ben´s "Hamlet", next year in LONDON!! I still can´t believe it and I am so so happy, it is my birthday and christmas gift for myself :) I can´t wait to see him on stage and last but not last the shopping tour will be great too :D

anybody else have tickets too?? perhaps for the same day - 4th september 2015 - a little fan meeting in london would be awesome too *lol*

Have a nice day!!!

DW 20in20 Icons )

Merlin and Cast Icons )

BC Icons )

DW Icons )
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2014-08-10 12:24 pm

Challenge: 100 Icons, 07 Wallpaper, 01 Friends Only Banner, 02 Graphic

Happy Sunday everybody! How are u everybody??

Today it is time for a bigger update! Everything is for different challenges. For a change I made a few wallpapers and graphics too, not only icons *lol*

Let me know what u think :)

DW20in20 Icons )

DW Icons )

Merlin Icons )

Ben C Icons )

07 Sherlock Wallpaper / 01 Friends Only Banner )

02 House MD Graphic )