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Happy Saturday! I hope everybody of u have a nice weekend :) Till my friend is here, I had time to do another challenge entry. - 10 really simple icons and one wallpaper - Yeah I know, it isn´t really new, but at the moment I have really fun to do such stuff *lol* - ah yes, and after many many practice I have the heart to show u a new drawing, it is a simple pencil drawing and a bit PS. Let me know what u think, I don´t know if it is really good or bad, but I am so proud of it *lol*

Merlin Episode "Another´s Sorrow" aka "Arthur´s white shirt of Sex"

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Merlin Episode "The Darkest Hour"


and last but not least, and yes no challenge thingy, my drawing of Ben, which took me a few hours.

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Hey everybody! I know I am a bit lazy at the moment. I don´t make many PS stuff, apart from a few challenge icons. I started with new Merlin episodes icons, but I think it will take a bit longer, and the reason is, I started with drawing again!! Many drawings aren´t really good, but now I have a few better results I like to show u :)

All are pencil drawings with a bit of PS.

Last but not least, I have a deviant art account now, where I will upload all my drawings too

Ben drawings

Sherlock and Watson - it´s for a tumblr project, and I don´t like it, but I show it anyway :D



What do u think????
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It´s happening :D I have a tumblr account too! I have a bit troubles, how everything works, but I think it doesn´t matter *lol*

here is my link, I posted a few things, just to see how it works.

my tumblr


A few times ago I started with drawing again, so I decided to use my old devian art account.

deviant art

Uploaded a few pencil drawings and photoshop drawings, till yet, but I am sure more will follow.

I would be very glad about many followers, so don´t be shy :)


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