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Hey everybody, so sorry for this really long delay, I was busy, and sometimes too lazy to make new stuff, I don´t know exactly why :D

Here are 30 icons of my Merlin and Bradley challenges, and a few examples of my Tumblr stuff, I won´t post every pic I made, because I think it will be too much for one entry, many pics are big and I also made a few gifs, mostly of Milo and Benedict :D Just use my TAGS, like here! I am a big fan of Audio files now, I made a few files, a very good example is the one of Benedict for a google commercial, I am so in love with it, so I use it for my whole tumblr page :D Just listen and close your eyes, it is sooooo amazing.

To cut a long story short here are the icons and the other stuff now :D

challenge icons )

Tumblr - Benedict, Merlin,Milo, Brad examples )
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Happy Wednesday everybody!
Today a bunch of icons of the Radio Times Photoshooting with the whole Merlin Cast - including the challenge icons I posted a few times ago, and many Tumblr graphics, where I tried different styles, effects and so on. Hope u like it, I really would love to know what u think!

Merlin Cast - 39 Radio Times Icons )

Andrew Scott )

Merlin Cast - Radio Times, Bradley, Bradley/Colin Manip )

Benedict Cumberbatch - Photoshooting, Star Trek Into Darkness )

Milo Ventimiglia - Behind the Scenes )

Emma Watson - Photoshooting )
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Happy Friday everybody!!

Today something I didn´t make for a very long time, 3 wallpapers :) and some pics for my tumblr account too - I tried some new styles, so hope u like it, one I made with the help of a tutorial video on yt - thx WWW :D

clickable - 1680 * 1050

Arthur - The once and future King

Benedict Cumberbatch - digital drawing

Milo Ventimiglia

Tumblr Graphics - Bradley, Milo


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