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hey everybody!

Today something new, or should I see someone new:
My new pets! Two Kittens, a orange/blond boy, and a multicolored girl and I named them "Jace" and "Clary".

Yes these are two names from books/tv show/movie, yes that is nerdy, and yes I totally know that, *lol*

what do u say, aren´t they cute and fluffy?? would u like to see more pics in the future?? perhaps not just only sleepy sleepy babys next time *lol*

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Hey everybody!

Just a little info for everybody!
At the moment I have troubles with my photobucket account, sadly the upgrade doesn´t work as I want :( I hope I can fix it soon.
So sorry everybody!

Such a bullshit, in the past photobucket was really easier to handle... *grml*
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It´s happening :D I have a tumblr account too! I have a bit troubles, how everything works, but I think it doesn´t matter *lol*

here is my link, I posted a few things, just to see how it works.

my tumblr


A few times ago I started with drawing again, so I decided to use my old devian art account.

deviant art

Uploaded a few pencil drawings and photoshop drawings, till yet, but I am sure more will follow.

I would be very glad about many followers, so don´t be shy :)


Jul. 17th, 2012 10:30 am
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Hey everybody, sorry for the long delay :( - Perhaps a few of you are interested in it, or perhaps missed me *g* - My home pc had a crash!

Don´t know when I´ll be back again, not so sure, if I can fix it, or if I have to set up completely.

So my friends, watchers and everybody else, i need sympathy :D I am without my pc and it looks like I lost my last icons and gifs I prepared. No new Sherlock stuff for you, guys, or more precisely you have to wait a bit longer now :D

Let me see, what u think about this bad a***, who "surprised" me with a total blackout ... :D


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