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Happy Sunday everybody! How are u everybody??

Today it is time for a bigger update! Everything is for different challenges. For a change I made a few wallpapers and graphics too, not only icons *lol*

Let me know what u think :)

DW20in20 Icons )

DW Icons )

Merlin Icons )

Ben C Icons )

07 Sherlock Wallpaper / 01 Friends Only Banner )

02 House MD Graphic )
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Happy Sunday everybody!

It is again time for a update! Today I started with another favourite fandom. I watch DW since years (the 8th was my first *sigh*), but never made much stuff,if any just a few icons honestly I tend to focus on one tv show, now it´s time to change that! Because Tennant is the one and only DW for me here is my entry for the challenge at [ profile] doctorwho20in20

20in20 DW icons )

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnd because I tend to focus on one tv show, of course here are a few new merlin and Benedict icons too *lol*

Bradley James / Merlin Icons )

02 Merlin Graphics )

Benedict C Icons )

So, that's all for today :) What do u think??
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Hey everybody! I hope u enjoy your weekend? Again a smaller update, including some icons and a graphic I made for different challenges.

Today I have a little question. I am a doctor who fan for a very long time, and now I thought it is time to make some stuff for my lj and for this very special fandom too, so I am looking for a new challenge community, which is aktive with many fans and members.

Does anybody know a land or icon community which is open for new members?? the people who know me, know I am a aktive member in such things.

What do u think?? comments are love!

45 merlin icons and 1 graphic )

04 the fifth estate icons )
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Happy Monday everybody :)

Hope everybody had a nice weekend?!

Today another big entry, mostly Merlin icons, a few Ben and Sherlock Icons and a few other graphics. All stuff I made for different challenges again *lol*

Comments are love :)

191 Merlin Icons )

12 Ben/Sherlock Icons )

and last but not least a few graphic examples I made too :)

picspams )
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Happy Saturday everybody :) After a while I think it is time for a litte - uh in fact a bigger - update :) Everything I did was for different challenges, icons and graphics this time. I hope I didn´t forget anything, I lost overview a bit *lol*

What do u think?? Comments are love like always!

Merlin Icons )

Sherlock Icons - Mrs. Hudson )

Benedict Icons )

07 Grapics - clickable )
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Hey everybody! Just a quick update. I made different Merlin stuff for a few challenges again, including 2 picspams. Hope u like them, let me know what u think, and like always u can take everything u like :)

Comments are love <3

Merlin Episode "The Once and future Queen"

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10

Merlin Episode "The Crystal Cave"

11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20

6 Santiago Cabrera Icons

21 22 23 24 25 26

2 Merlin Picspam - Clickable

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Hey everbody!

I know I didn´t make many new things during the last few weeks, I am really lazy at the moment. But today I have something different I can share. I enjoyed a Hugh Laurie concert yesterday, and it was amazing. He is a awesome human being, and you can see, that he loves what he is doing,

and I can´t believe it, he signed my ticket after the show! I am so happy and I am really really thankful, because a other fan helped me to get it. After she gave me my autograph I just gave her a hug :D

The pics and videos are not the best, sadly I have no skills in such things, but I think a few are acceptable *lol*

4 videos )
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Happy Sunday everybody!

Today no Merlin stuff, or Sherlock, or Brad, or Milo, and so on, but some icons, on picspam and gifs of the new Star Trek trailer ... The quality isn´t always the best, especially the icons and gifs of the preview - honestly I only take the Ben scenes of it :D - but I hope u like it anyway... I can´t wait to watch it!!!

Comments would be love!!





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Happy Sunday! Weather isn´t much better today, so new stuff again :)

I love the Blooper video so much, so here are a few icons and picspams I made today, hope u like it. Comments and credits would be love :)
















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Happy Saturday everybody :)

The weather is so bad, so I decided to make some new stuff for you guys. Because I needed some change, and I found this awesome video, it´s Cumberbatch day today again :D The results are some really simple icons and 1 picspam, because I had a mind to do it :D

Comments please <3

Uhh yes, this is my 101 entry, can´t believe it :D *lol*



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Happy Sunday everybody! I have to clean up my hard drive, so here are my icons and daily pics I don´t post till yet, otherwise I get mixed up very soon :D - Just 9 Icons for 2 challenges and my daily pics for Milo daily and Bradley daily.

At the moment I am very busy with RL and such things :D, so I haven´t enough time for my beloved obsession, but I have to do icons and gifs of the new Merlin episodes, and of course Parade´s End too ... oh man, the difficulties of a fan :D :D

I know it is not a big update as usual, but comments would be very nice anyway! <3


Bradley Daily

Milo Daily

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Hello again! I was at the concert on 22nd July, in Vienna and it was just adorable, amazing and unbelievable! He was so funny and charming, and not the least the music was so great and unforgettable.

I took some photos, a few are really bad, sadly I haven´t many practice in it, but I want show my pics anyway. I made a few simple icons of it, and a picspam with the best pics.


1 Picspam )
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Today some stuff for a challenge again. 6 Icons, a Picspam and 3 Gifs of the Anime Lady Georgie. I really loved it when I was younger, and I still love it :D

Perhaps anybody know this awesome series too?!

Icon, Picspam and 3 Gifs )
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Today some stuff I made for different challenges, and I almost forgot :D Just 6 simple Icons and a Disney Princess picspam. Not so many, but otherwise I´ll forgot it again :D 
It looks like, that I have something new too :D Two motivational posters for a other challenge ;)

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My second post for the challenge #13 at [ profile] landofart ! This are my first picspams ever, so hope they are acceptable :D Would be glad about some comments :)
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