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Happy Sunday everybody! How are u everybody??

Today it is time for a bigger update! Everything is for different challenges. For a change I made a few wallpapers and graphics too, not only icons *lol*

Let me know what u think :)

DW20in20 Icons )

DW Icons )

Merlin Icons )

Ben C Icons )

07 Sherlock Wallpaper / 01 Friends Only Banner )

02 House MD Graphic )
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Morning everybody!

Today, for a change, a bunch of icons, and some other graphics I made for my tumblr account and some challenges.
I know I am so lazy at the moment, it looks like the weather is too good, perhaps that´s just a excuse *lol* Mea culpa! ;)
The day will come, when I post episodes stuff again :D :D
Anyhow I hope u still like my stuff.

44 icons - Bradley, Merlin, Sherlock, Benedict ... )

a few graphics )
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Hey everbody!

I know I didn´t make many new things during the last few weeks, I am really lazy at the moment. But today I have something different I can share. I enjoyed a Hugh Laurie concert yesterday, and it was amazing. He is a awesome human being, and you can see, that he loves what he is doing,

and I can´t believe it, he signed my ticket after the show! I am so happy and I am really really thankful, because a other fan helped me to get it. After she gave me my autograph I just gave her a hug :D

The pics and videos are not the best, sadly I have no skills in such things, but I think a few are acceptable *lol*

4 videos )
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Happy Saturday everybody!

Time for another little update, I am still a bit lazy, like always during the last few weeks:D So here are my new icons for some Brad challenges and 3 icons of Benedict during the London premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness - he is soooo awesome :D

And the cherry of the top are a few graphics for my daily communities and/or for tumblr.

Hope u like it.

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Hey everybody! I know I am a bit lazy at the moment. I don´t make many PS stuff, apart from a few challenge icons. I started with new Merlin episodes icons, but I think it will take a bit longer, and the reason is, I started with drawing again!! Many drawings aren´t really good, but now I have a few better results I like to show u :)

All are pencil drawings with a bit of PS.

Last but not least, I have a deviant art account now, where I will upload all my drawings too

Ben drawings

Sherlock and Watson - it´s for a tumblr project, and I don´t like it, but I show it anyway :D



What do u think????
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Hey everybody, so sorry for this really long delay, I was busy, and sometimes too lazy to make new stuff, I don´t know exactly why :D

Here are 30 icons of my Merlin and Bradley challenges, and a few examples of my Tumblr stuff, I won´t post every pic I made, because I think it will be too much for one entry, many pics are big and I also made a few gifs, mostly of Milo and Benedict :D Just use my TAGS, like here! I am a big fan of Audio files now, I made a few files, a very good example is the one of Benedict for a google commercial, I am so in love with it, so I use it for my whole tumblr page :D Just listen and close your eyes, it is sooooo amazing.

To cut a long story short here are the icons and the other stuff now :D

challenge icons )

Tumblr - Benedict, Merlin,Milo, Brad examples )
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Happy Wednesday everybody!
Today a bunch of icons of the Radio Times Photoshooting with the whole Merlin Cast - including the challenge icons I posted a few times ago, and many Tumblr graphics, where I tried different styles, effects and so on. Hope u like it, I really would love to know what u think!

Merlin Cast - 39 Radio Times Icons )

Andrew Scott )

Merlin Cast - Radio Times, Bradley, Bradley/Colin Manip )

Benedict Cumberbatch - Photoshooting, Star Trek Into Darkness )

Milo Ventimiglia - Behind the Scenes )

Emma Watson - Photoshooting )
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Happy Friday everybody!!

Today something I didn´t make for a very long time, 3 wallpapers :) and some pics for my tumblr account too - I tried some new styles, so hope u like it, one I made with the help of a tutorial video on yt - thx WWW :D

clickable - 1680 * 1050

Arthur - The once and future King

Benedict Cumberbatch - digital drawing

Milo Ventimiglia

Tumblr Graphics - Bradley, Milo

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I wish all of you a belated merry Christmas!!!

Today just a few things I did the last days.

my last challenge icons for this year, my daily Milo Pics, and a few graphics I made for my tumblr account.

I wasn´t able to make new Merlin episodes stuff, because I hadn´t enough time, and of the great final episode, I don´t want tell to much, because perhaps a few of us don´t watch the episode till yet, but I at the moment I feel such a weird sad satisfaction, I don´t know if it makes sense*lol*

Anyway comments would be love like always :)


Tumblr Graphics

Bradley/Milk - Brilk - long live the Merlin Fandom :D


My Merlin goodbye - I think it´s just the first one *lol*

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Sherlock - John and Sherlock


Milo Daily

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Happy Tuesday!

Time for another challenge entry and my daily pics. So everything Merlin, Bradley and Milo today. Most of the stuff u can finde on my tumblr yet too :D Comments please :)


Challenge Banner




Bradley Daily

Milo Daily

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Happy Sunday everybody!

Today no Merlin stuff, or Sherlock, or Brad, or Milo, and so on, but some icons, on picspam and gifs of the new Star Trek trailer ... The quality isn´t always the best, especially the icons and gifs of the preview - honestly I only take the Ben scenes of it :D - but I hope u like it anyway... I can´t wait to watch it!!!

Comments would be love!!





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It´s happening :D I have a tumblr account too! I have a bit troubles, how everything works, but I think it doesn´t matter *lol*

here is my link, I posted a few things, just to see how it works.

my tumblr


A few times ago I started with drawing again, so I decided to use my old devian art account.

deviant art

Uploaded a few pencil drawings and photoshop drawings, till yet, but I am sure more will follow.

I would be very glad about many followers, so don´t be shy :)


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