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Hey everbody!

I know I didn´t make many new things during the last few weeks, I am really lazy at the moment. But today I have something different I can share. I enjoyed a Hugh Laurie concert yesterday, and it was amazing. He is a awesome human being, and you can see, that he loves what he is doing,

and I can´t believe it, he signed my ticket after the show! I am so happy and I am really really thankful, because a other fan helped me to get it. After she gave me my autograph I just gave her a hug :D

The pics and videos are not the best, sadly I have no skills in such things, but I think a few are acceptable *lol*

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Hello again! I was at the concert on 22nd July, in Vienna and it was just adorable, amazing and unbelievable! He was so funny and charming, and not the least the music was so great and unforgettable.

I took some photos, a few are really bad, sadly I haven´t many practice in it, but I want show my pics anyway. I made a few simple icons of it, and a picspam with the best pics.


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Hello! Hope everybody have a nice weekend?? Today just another little update.

*fangirlon*I am soooooooooooo excited and happy because I have two tickets for the Hugh Laurie concert in Vienna (yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!), so I made a few simple gifs of the Let Them Talk Special Edition. *fangirloff*

Last, but not least, four icons for a Bradley James challenge, and a few new daily Milo Pics.


Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

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At the moment I am a bit under the weather, so I have time to do some icons, and other stuff. Today I made 35 animated icons of the Loreal commercial with Hugh Laurie. The file size is between ~ 15kb and ~39kb again,

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Unfortunately, I have become sick in my holiday. So I had much much time to do all the gifs, hope u like it. For me it was really funny, and it´s only because of this awesome commercial. Please let me know, what u think :)

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I made a few Icons of the new candid pics, and the Blues Album photo shooting. Hope u like it.

Any comments?

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Just a smaller update today, including some icons, a signature, and 2 wallpapers.
Please write a comment if u like it :)

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 First I wish everybody a happy new year!

I made a few new Icons, some Hugh Laurie stuff and a few other.

Comments are appreciated!

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A Hugh Update on the morrow and gone is all sorrow! 

This arts are a little bit older, and were not created with photoshop! At that time I worked with a no name program, but I think the results aren´t so bad - hopefully ;)

1.) blueeyesava3 2.) blueeyesava2 3.) blueeyesava


5.) blueeyes

6.) hughlaurieblackava3 7.)hughlaurieblackava2 8.) hughlaurieblackava

9.) hughlaurieblack1

10.) Photobucket 11.) hughblackwalli


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