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Good Morning everybody! So, weekend is over, sadly, and the weather here is really really bad, I am so tired, and honestly I can´t wait the day is over *lol*

Like always icons for different challanges, and today too, a few friends only banner! it was really really funny to make these banners, because I really would love to watch a DW/Sherlock Crossover :D

And last but not least, a Sherlock Halloween Wallpaper, I know it is a little bit late for halloween stuff this year, but I hope u like it anyway :)

Have a nice day!

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Happy Saturday everybody!

It´s weekend again, yeahhhhhhh!!, and the weather is sooooooo bad, so I cleaned up my harddrive again, and here is everything I didn´t post till now. Like always challange icons for different comms and fandoms :)

I have exciting news, normally I didn´t talk much about my RL, because of some good reasons and bad experiences, but I am so happy about it, I have to share it *lol*

I have tickets for Ben´s "Hamlet", next year in LONDON!! I still can´t believe it and I am so so happy, it is my birthday and christmas gift for myself :) I can´t wait to see him on stage and last but not last the shopping tour will be great too :D

anybody else have tickets too?? perhaps for the same day - 4th september 2015 - a little fan meeting in london would be awesome too *lol*

Have a nice day!!!

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