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Happy Sunday everybody :)

I thought it is time for another update - one reason, I really have to clean up my hard drive *lol*

I did not have the time for Shadowhunter episode icons, but surprise surprise I still do my merlin challenges . I am such a good fangirl *lol*
Last but not least a few outlander icons too, the cherry on the top of the cake :D
Comments are love <3

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Happy Saturday!

Hope everybody is fine?? Just a quick update today, more will follow tomorrow - new fandom, new show :D - but today like most of the time, outlander and merlin icons, and 5 lonely icons of bradley james in damien *lol*

let me know what u think, comments are love :)

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Happy Sunday everybody!

I hope the first month of the year was ok until now. :D At one hand I am really happy that the holidays are over, because of eating a lot,... can´t see cookies anymore :D at the other hand I have to work again *lol*

I thought it is time for a update again. Merlin like always, yeah I know I know :D - and a new fandom arrives - OUTLANDER - I love this show and the books, and I watch it since start, and now I joined a new icon challenge community - [ profile] outlanderstills - at the moment I just made 10 outlander icons, but I thought I can show you them anyhow:)

What do u think??? Comments are love :)

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